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Redesign Your Outdoor Spaces to Maximise the Value of Your Home

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Making outdoor spaces beautiful is a priority for many home owners, and there are excellent aesthetic and economic reasons to invest in your gardens, paths and driveways. Landscaping your garden can add 14 percent to the sale price of your home and make it much easier to sell. The same applies to driveways. If buyers can access the property more easily, and the driveway has a harmonious look that suits its surroundings, your property will attract a much higher price.

Remodelling your outdoor spaces has concrete benefits. Here are a few short guidelines for making changes to your garden or driveways that raise your home's value without incurring an astronomical cost.

Add a Pond to Your Garden

People love nature, and in urban areas ponds are an excellent way to bring a touch of wilderness to housing lots. A small-scale rock waterfall and pond design can break up the monotony of lawns and hedges, provide a haven for wildlife and make your garden a more relaxing place to be. When potential purchasers visit, small touches like that can create a positive impression, obscuring minor flaws that they may have noticed.

You Can Landscape on a Budget

An attractive pond will look even better alongside a creatively landscaped garden. You don't need to settle for a bland lawn, which is the tactic most homeowners choose. That's the safe option, but it doesn't add as much value as landscaping (and takes time to keep in a neat condition). Low water landscapes are an appealing alternative, using native plant species and contouring the land so that rainwater is collected efficiently. You can also repurpose old furniture as decking or arches, or plant shade-creating trees to cool your patio space.

Choose Pattern Pave Driveways

However appealing your garden is, your driveway is the first thing prospective buyers see when they approach your home. They are assessing how well your driveway will last and whether there is enough space for their vehicles. This makes it important to add enough asphalt or concrete space to allow ordinary cars to manoeuvre, but you can add more than simply utilitarian driveways to your home design.

By using pattern pave techniques, you can create authentic-looking brickwork drives and paths or add a slate-style surface without paying for specialist stone and installation expertise. Instead, pattern pavers add a stencilled layer of veneer over conventional concrete, which is just as durable as luxury stone but much cheaper to install. It's a great way to add a luxurious touch to your home if you don't have vast financial resources (and it avoids the need to weed between the cracks in your brickwork too).

Selling your property can set you up for retirement or whatever you want to do in the future. By investing in your outdoor spaces, you can make sure your home attracts the highest possible price and create beautiful spaces to enjoy in the meantime.