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Natural Stone Tiles: 3 Benefits of Using Natural Stone Pavers Over Other Paving Options

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Property owners and contractors have been using natural stone tiles for many years. Even in modern times, this timeless paving material is still a favourite option for many property owners. Natural stone pavers are excellent choices if you are looking for a well-polished and crafted paving to complement your indoor or outdoor structures. There are many benefits you will gain from choosing natural stone tiles over other paving materials. These benefits include the following:  Read More»

Cement Rendering Process and Finish Explained For The Rookies

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Cement rendering is a popular finishing technique applicable to most masonry. However, it is often used on bricks to enhance their aesthetic and functional appeal. The rendering material has three primary components: sand, lime, and cement. The purpose of the lime to ensure that the finish retains its structural integrity at all stages. It keeps the render from cracking, especially when it cures and hardens. On the other hand, cement acts as a binder and finisher that determines the colour of the render. Read More»